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Takeaway Menu

  • CHICKEN SOUP scaled

    Chicken Soup

    Light chicken broth

  • LENTIL SOUP scaled

    Lentil Soup

    Probably the most popular soup in Turkey, it is popular for breakfast as well, and also known as the ‘truck driver’s breakfast.’ It is enjoyed with a squeeze of lemon…

  • HUMUS scaled


    Crushed chickpeas with lemon juice and garlic One of the most popular dishes of recent years, originating from the Levant, it has become an essential member of the meze table…

  • CACIK scaled


    Tzatziki. Diced cucumber with creamy yoghurt, mint and a hint of garlic This recipe is the Greek version. The Turkish version is liquid, more like a cold soup.

  • TARAMA scaled

    Tarama Salata

    Freshly prepared whipped cod roe paté

  • BABA GANOUSH scaled

    Baba ganoush

    Fire-roasted aubergines, red peppers, tomatoes with olive oil, tahini & garlic


    Imam Bayildi

    Aubergine stuffed with fresh tomatoes, onions, green peppers, parsley and a hint of garlic The dish literally means “the imam fainted”. In Turkish when you like something very much you…


    Patlican Soslu

    Smoked aubergine purée, with yoghurt, tahini, olive oil, lemon and garlic


    Stuffed Vine Leaves

    Vine leaves stuffed with rice, onions, parsley in a lemon juice & olive oil dressing

  • HALLOUMI scaled


    Chargrilled halloumi cheese

  • SPICY SAUSAGE scaled

    Spicy Sausage

    Spicy beef sausage Sucuk with eggs is a breakfast treat in Turkey. The best sucuk comes from Kayseri.

  • CALAMARI scaled


    Deep-fried squid served with homemade creamy sauce One of the most notable hot mezes of a seafood table. You can enjoy the best calamari in the towns on Turkey’s Aegean…


    Falafel & Houmus

    Lightly fried chickpeas, broad beans, onions, parsley, coriander & garlic

  • BOREK scaled

    Cheese Borek

    Deep-fried filo pastry stuffed with feta cheese and parsley

  • LAMB DONER scaled

    Lamb Doner

    Fresh lamb pieces, specially seasoned and grilled on an upright spit. The word ‘döner’ comes from ‘dönmek’ in Turkish, which means “to turn” or “to rotate”. This vertical rotisserie was…

  • CHICKEN DONER scaled

    Chicken Doner

    Succulent pieces of chicken, layered on one huge skewer and then slow-cooked for maximum tongue bursting flavours served with rice & salad

  • MIXED DONER scaled

    Mixed Doner

    Lamb and chicken doner

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    Meat & Chips

    Lamb or Chicken Doner & Chips

  • LAMB SHISH scaled

    Lamb Shish

    Tender lamb chunks marinated and charcoal grilled

  • CHICKEN SHISH scaled

    Chicken Shish

    Breast of chicken marinated and charcoal-grilled

  • MIX SHISH scaled

    Mixed Shish

    Lamb Shish & Chicken Shish

  • LAMB CHOPS scaled

    Lamb Chops

    Grilled tender Lamb chops

  • ADANA KOFTE scaled

    Adana Kofte

    Hand-minced meat grilled on a wide iron skewer. This is the most popular of all kebabs. It originates in the city of Adana, where it is known as ‘kıyma kebabı’…

  • CHICKEN BEYTI scaled

    Chicken Beyti

    Grilled spicy minced Chicken on skewers seasoned with herbs & hint of garlic

  • CHICKEN TIGHS scaled

    Butterfly Chicken Thighs

    Grilled marinated skinless butterfly chicken thighs

  • CHICKEN WINGS scaled

    Chicken Wings

    Grilled marinated chicken wings

  • INCIK scaled

    Lamb Shank

    Tender lamb on the bone oven cooked infused with garlic, potatoes, celery, carrots and onions

  • LAMBS LIVER scaled

    Lamb’s Liver

    Chargrilled matured lamb livers

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    Lamb Ribs

    Grilled specially seasoned Lamb Ribs

  • QUAEIL scaled


    Grilled quail

  • MIXED GRILL scaled

    Mixed Grill for One

    Lamb Chop, Chicken Thighs, Adana Köfte & Chicken Wings

  • LAHMACUN scaled


    Flatbread with lamb mince, onion, pepper and parsley Two per portion. The word ‘lahmacun’ derives itself from the Arabic: , (lahm ajīn), in turn short for (lahm bi-ajīn), meaning ‘meat…

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    Platter 1

    Lamb doner, chicken doner, chop shish, chicken thighs, chicken beyti, adana kofte & chicken wings. (Sharing for 2-3 people)

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    Platter 2

    Mixed Cold Meze, Lamb doner, chicken doner, chop shish, chicken thighs, chicken beyti, adana kofte & chicken wings. (Sharing for 3-4 people)

  • SALMON scaled


    Charcoal-grilled and served with salad, chips or rice

  • SEA BASS scaled

    Sea Bass

    Charcoal-grilled and served with salad, chips or rice Grilled sea bass is found in every fish restaurant in the Aegean region.

  • BEEF BURGER 1 scaled

    Beef Burger

    7oz beef patty on a bun topped with, tomatoes, gherkin & salad. Served with chips.


    Chicken Burger

    Butterfly Chicken on a bun topped with, tomatoes, gherkin & salad. Served with chips.

  • VEGGIE BURGER scaled

    Veggie Burger

    A delicious Vegetable patty on a bun topped with, tomatoes, gherkin & salad. Served with chips.


    Falafel & Hummus

    Lightly fried balls of chickpeas & broad beans served with salad


    Stuffed Aubergine

    Aubergine, stuffed with onions, tomato & peppers. Served with rice


    Grilled Vegetables & Halloumi

    Grilled aubergine, halloumi, mushrooms, onions, courgettes & peppers topped with a touch of pomegranate sauce. Served with rice & salad

  • MOUSAKKA scaled


    Baked layers of aubergine, courgettes, carrot, peas & chickpeas and topped with béchamel sauce & cheese. Served with rice Many local and regional variations of moussaka can be found in…

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    Grilled Vegetables

    Grilled aubergine, mushrooms, onions, courgettes & peppers topped with a touch of pomegranate sauce

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    Chilli or Garlic Sauce

  • MIXED SALAD scaled

    Mix Salad

    Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Red Cabbage, Carrots & Onions