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  • Lamb Doner

    Fresh lamb pieces, specially seasoned and grilled on an upright spit. The word ‘döner’ comes from ‘dönmek’ in Turkish, which means “to turn” or “to rotate”. This vertical rotisserie was…

  • Chicken Doner

    Succulent pieces of chicken, layered on one huge skewer and then slow-cooked for maximum tongue bursting flavours served with rice & salad

  • Mixed Doner

    Lamb and chicken doner

  • Lamb Shish

    Tender lamb chunks marinated and charcoal grilled

  • Chicken Shish

    Breast of chicken marinated and charcoal-grilled

  • Lamb Chops

    Grilled tender Lamb chops

  • Mixed Shish

    Lamb Shish & Chicken Shish

  • Adana Kofte

    Hand-minced meat grilled on a wide iron skewer. This is the most popular of all kebabs. It originates in the city of Adana, where it is known as ‘kıyma kebabı’…

  • Chop Shish

    Chargrilled small pieces of marinated tender lamb

  • Chicken Beyti

    Grilled spicy minced Chicken on skewers seasoned with herbs & hint of garlic

  • Butterfly Chicken Thighs

    Grilled marinated skinless butterfly chicken thighs

  • Chicken Wings

    Grilled marinated chicken wings

  • Lamb’s Liver

    Chargrilled matured lamb livers

  • Lamb Ribs

    Grilled specially seasoned Lamb Ribs

  • Quail

    Grilled quail

  • Mixed Grill for One

    Lamb Chop, Chicken Thighs, Adana Köfte & Chicken Wings