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In speaking about Anatolian cuisine, it is more appropriate to address this wealth in terms of geography than a particular people.  In this land ruled by civilizations from, Sumerians to the Ottoman Empire, crossed by the Silk Route, merchants, travellers and scholars, the fires continue to burn, and the stoves continue to cook.

On Usta’s menu you will see only small excerpts from this great story.  Form is a discipline; it is through the trinity of preparation, cooking and presentation that a dish gains its identity.  In Anatolia we see simple,
compact and perfected examples of these forms. 

The form is unchanging, but the contents vary according to region: within forms like bread, soup, börek, dolma, pide, kebab, olive oil dishes, stewed dishes and mezes, we encounter a vast, rich world. 


In Usta’s kitchen, recipes traveling from Anatolia to London bloom into eclectic diversity, and greet their new lands in their own language.  For our full story, please visit our restaurant where you
can enjoy our culinary experience. 


Afiyet Olsun!


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Imam Bayildi

The dish literally means “the imam fainted”.  In Turkish when you like something very much you say “I faint for it”. 

The name supposedly derives from a tale of a Turkish imam, who swooned with pleasure at the flavour when presented with this dish by his wife. 

It is one of the most notable ‘zeytinyağlı’ (olive oil-based) of Istanbul.